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Newsletter 16/11/2017 - Litkoin Mobile Wallet
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Litkoin Mobile Wallet

Hey guys, on today newsletter, we are going to explain how is our progress toward Litkoin Mobile Wallet development and the basic idea of how its infrastructure works.

Before I continue, i need you guys to know that we are very glad to have supports from many people who are willing to spend their time and energy to contributing on Litkoin ecosystem. The progress for Litkoin Mobile Wallet is going so far so good at the moment. Please note that we are learning everything from the scratch and this is our first experience to engage in blockchain technology. The main idea behind Litkoin Wallet is based on SPV.

SPV means Simplified Payment Verification and there are few types SPV Wallet, which are:
  • SPV Light Client
  • SPV Full Node
SPV had been mentioned on Satoshi Paper before. It stated that it act as a client which is connected to the fullnode and download block headers only. In another words, SPV let us to validate transactions without need to know about other peoples transaction by making sure those transactions are included into the block.

SPV Wallet doesn't necessary required a specific API Server because it can look for fullnode which are running on the network automatically. Nowadays, modern wallet are going toward SPV wallet direction rather than API. From here onward, we should know that it is important to have more full node runnings on Litkoin blockchain in order to build a stronger network.  SPV is believed to have a high security measurement, although it do have some weakness as well but we think it is not relevant to Litkoin blockchain. On SPV Mobile Wallet , each users is responsible for their own privatekey because it is store locally on their own mobile devices.

Those two types of SPV wallet model have their own pros and cons, and here on Litkoin, we are integrating the SPV FullNode. On our early development, it is tested on simulator and success to send transaction for the first time on the Litkoin Mainnet There are few obstacles coming along the process of development, for example, compilation problem and slow sync time. But, the good thing is that, it doesn't need to store huge cache on the storage. And then it has QR Reader feature built-in so that it is convenient for someone to do transaction just by scanning the QR code.

QR Code on Litkoin Wallet QT

However, It doesn't just stop here, because there is solution for slow sync blocks and the answer to that is to insert checkpoints, so that the first time user doesn't have to sync from the beginning. The sync time is also has been speed up to few minutes only on the release of Alpha v.0.3 , and we hope that it could goes down to seconds. It is good to mentioned that the memory usage is also much lower than before.

If everything goes smoothly as intended then, the development of Litkoin Mobile Wallet will be the first step to build other decentralized infrastructure, such as GUI Wallet, Web Wallet and also HD Wallet BIP32 in the future. Here is how the basic rough screenshot for Desktop GUI which is written in Java and can be running on top of Windows, Linux and maybe Mac Desktop.

Please give it a try on Alpha Litkoin Mobile Wallet (Android) and we are eager to wait for your feedbacks.

Alpha v0.3

Download link:

Change Log Alpha v0.3
- Fast Sync (just 2-3 minutes to sync for new users)
- Some error fix including crash message
- QR code recovery (recover phrase can be import to apps/ web wallet/ etc)
- Backup Phrase Crash fix
- Test on Backup File Restore
- Notification Update (so that user know if there is new update available)

Note: make sure you enable "installing from unknown resource" on your mobile setting.

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Re: Newsletter 16/11/2017 - Litkoin Mobile Wallet
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untuk perangkat iphone apakah belum ada dev nya om ?